Large Group Training

What to expect?
We offer the chance to workout with a community of people with similar goals all while doing so in a safe and fun environment. You will have benefits of a personal trainer teaching the right way to do movements but while having fun working out with your best friends. Everyone pushing each other to the next level.
Workouts will be composed of a mix of bodyweight, kettlebell and even barbell training for the advanced individuals. It is a complete body workout, that is interval training based so it will leave you with the feelings of accomplishment, energetic, and strong!
Prior to starting any classes we will perform a full body assessment so we know what movements will be safe for you to do in the setting. When you can move safely you will also burn more calories and increase your strength through a greater range of motion. We will show you simple corrective exercises to fix your main imbalances.


Start crushing the obstacles to your fitness goals today!