Personal Training

What to expect?
Goals and Motivation
Your initial session with us we will set down talk about your goals and your motivation behind your goals. “We call it the meat and potatoes”. We will set short term goals to help you get you where you want to be and make it realistic for you to get there.
In your first session you can expect us to go over nutrition with you in great detail so we know where we need to implement changes. It’s not something we change over night. We help you establish a lifestyle that you can maintain forever. We will go over simple changes you can make to your life and how it will constantly build upon each to get the results you are looking for.
We will first weight and measure you so we have a starting point from which to work from whether you are looking to pack on muscle or lose weight. Then we shall conduct a movement assessment so we know what your weak links are and how we can correct them to make you stronger and prevent injuries from occurring while training.
We will create you a customized program based on you needs and wants. It will encompass both a mobility program, nutrition program, as well as customized workouts. The customized workouts may be body weight, strength training, high intensity or mix of it all.

Start crushing the obstacles to your fitness goals today!